... and the Invisible

The idea of invisibility sounds like from a science-fiction movie, but could research turn it from fiction into science? The ambition of Professor Leonhardt’s ERC- funded research is to trace the connections between abstract theoretical concepts and drawn from geometry and relativity, to make invisibility science real!

Professor Leonardt’s research inspired us to set our webcomic in a phantasmagoric physics lab where you will find an Invisible man, a Microcosmos, an Inner Forest, an Invisibility Pool, an Escheresque love polygon among all researchers and… you will learn about the most fascinating physics concepts and discoveries!

Get ready to scroll and enjoy!

Prof. Ulf Leonhardt (researcher)

Born in Schlema, in the former East Germany, Leonhardt studied physics at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Moscow State University and at Humboldt University Berlin, where he received his Ph.D. in 1993. From 2000 to 2012 he was the Chair of Theoretical Physics at the University of St Andrews, UK. He joined the Weizmann Institute of Science as Professor of Physics after a distinguished international career and in 2012 received a European Research Council grant to support his research on “Transformation Optics: Cloaking, Perfect Imaging and Horizons”.

Thomas Gosselin (artist)

Born in London to an Irish mother and a French father, Gosselin studied comics in Angoulême. He lost himself for some time, and currently resides in Montreuil, near Paris, mostly galavanting, writing and drawing.