Max Order

Chapter 7

This comic is a metaphor about creative AI companions (enriched with an AI-composed soundtrack).
Max Order is a girl obsessed by drawing. Stubborn and rebellious, we follow her life as a kid, then a teenager.
She has a very special assistant: Flowy the parrot. Her trouble is that, when she draws: she can't help copying other artists’ style.
However, some strange interferences disrupt the storyline. From time to time four people, on a higher narrative level, discuss Max’s storyline and drawing styles. Who are they? The story of Max Order and the story of how Max Order was created interfere in strange and revealing ways.

Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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Flow Machines are cutting-edge algorithms, made to explore new ways to create.

Flow Machines collaborate with musicians to compose the future.

Flow Machines are AI music-making, made real thanks to the support of the European Research Council.