... and the Invisible

Chapter 5: Blue Monday

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Recap of the previous episodes

In a therapist’s office, Charlotte wakes up from a dream about invisibility. Unbeknownst to her, the therapist and an invisible accomplice have been taking pictures of her dream. An invisible being has been following her to her workplace. Charlotte works in a huge research center, where scientists focus on invisibility, optics and physics using many different approaches. Each room of the Invisibility Research Center is designed to tackle the subject in its own way. Suddenly, a mysterious man enters one of the labs. He is quite clumsy, and the whole lab is turned upside down. Is he also responsible for the terrible earthquake? Charlotte and Mister Youss, the Invisibility Coach, visit the Museum inside the Invisibility Research Center, where was last seen the curator Kathy Elbaz, who has mysteriously disappeared inside the paintings...

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