#questionsofscience 2

Answer : YES
In the near future it could be possible to produce a portable brain scanner for monitoring brain activity in human adults through the skull bone and provide a neuro-bio feedback to allow people to control their own pain or their emotions with a non invasive device. This could be possible thanks to the ERC research project fUSimagine that is introducing a breakthrough full fledged neuroimaging modality based on ultrasound. The Fusimagine team at Langevin Institute is providing evidence that functional Ultrasound imaging of brain activity (fUltrasound by analogy to fMRI) could have a major impact in neuroscience from fundamental research to clinical applications. The group believes their new machine will very soon become standard equipment for bedside monitoring of infants with brain disorders and will provide a new tool for researchers looking to understand the root causes of brain disorders and to ultimately prevent them from developing.
Mickaël Tanter - Research Professor Inserm

published on 17/05/2018