On beauty: 2nd edition of the ERCcOMICS illustrated talks

Some pictures of our 2nd Illustrated talks that took place at SPUI25 in Amsterdam on October 11.

On beauty: How fashion creates beauty standards and vice versa. In cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (University of Amsterdam) and the European Research Council.


Speakers : Sylvia Holla (M.A. Atria/University of Amsterdam), Dr. Elise van der Laan (Museum Boymans van Beuningen), Elise A.G. Arfini (University of Milan) and Prof. Dr. Giselinde Kuipers (University of Amsterdam)

Live drawing by Eleonora Antonioni and Francesca Protopapa, who are working on the Beauty webcomic.

Selfie of the ERCcOMICS Team in Amsterdam : Massimo, Marie, Eleonora, Fiammetta and Francesca.

Coming soon the video of the illustrated talks.

published on 12/10/2016