Illustrated Talks Pictures

Some pictures from the first edition of the ERCcOMICS "Illustrated Talks" that took place in Paris at UPMC on June 29.

1st Illustrated Talk : Composing a song with Flow Machines
François Pachet (ERC grant "Flow Machines") and Fiammetta Ghedini

2nd illustrated Talk : The Garden of Invisibility
Ulf Leonhardt (ERC grant "Transformation Optics") and Thomas Gosselin

3d illustrated Talk : Co-Adaptive Instruments: Can we reinvent the graphical user interface?
Wendy Mackay (ERC grant "Creating Co-Adaptive Human-Computer Partnership") and Luigi Critone

4th illustrated Talk : Modelling lianas as key drivers of tropical forest responses to climate change
Hans Verbeek (ERC grant "Treeclimbers") and Giacomo Nanni


published on 12/07/2016