Expecting: the odyssey of pregnant migrant women in the Mediterranean

On the occasion of the approaching World Refugee Day, we present our new online graphic novel "Expecting".

Undocumented pregnant women are a growing phenomenon: yet, few social science or public health studies address this subject. As a result, the EU funded the project EU Border Care, a comparative study of maternity care among undocumented migrants.

Especially relevant to this issue, our webcomic tells about two parallel stories: Sham and Matina. Sham is a Syrian refugee travelling to Greece, who discovers to be pregnant, and Matina is a Greek midwife working in a volunteering center. 

The Principal Investigator of EU Border Care is Vanessa Grotti, who leads a team of researchers working on the field. Specifically, the researchers work in maternity wards located in French Guiana and Mayotte (Overseas France), the North Aegean and Attica (Greece), Sicily (Italy), and Ceuta and Melilla (Spain).

The artist working of the storyboard as well as the drawings for "Expecting" is Sandrine Martin. Sandrine published many graphic novels and illustrations, and you can find some of her works here














published on 16/06/2017