ERCcOMICS @ La scienza in una nuvola – Roundtable about comics and science

ERCcOMICS has played a starring role in the roundable "La scienza in una nuvola – Incontro sul fumetto di divulgazione scientifica" (Science in a baloon - roundtable about science communication comics) in the framework of the festival "Fumetti e popcorn", organised by Alessandra Ioalé, tooking place in Pisa on October 28th, 2019. 

During the roundable many ERCcOMICS authors have been talking about their experience and creative process, as well as presenting and reading panel pages from their webcomics. Among the participants: Alice Milani, Fiammetta Ghedini, Francesco Guarnaccia, Lorenzo Ghetti, Lorenzo Palloni and Tuono Pettinato. 

Other participants included Francesca Riccioni, Roberto Natalini and Andrea Plazzi at the origin of the Comics & Science project (CNR Edizioni); as the moderator, Fabio Gadducci from Pisa University. 




published on 19/11/2019